UPLIFT/LANDHÖJNING at Härnösand´s Theater



-The way that happens/ Things like hands-

at Härnösands Theater 21th January

A work about time and knitting. The work includes 24 knitters together with Björn Eriksson's sound art and Per Nordgren's guitar.

Thanks to all knitters and visitors.

Thanks to Daniel Mårskog and Tomas Gönczi for sound and light.

Thanks to Björn Grankvist, Lisa W Carlson and Pia Liljeström for the photo.

Thanks to Härnösands Art Association and Härnösands Art Hall for a nice collaboration.

So nice to work together.


UPLIFT/LANDHÖJNING at Härnösands Theatre

Since 2010, the Härnösand-based artist Kerstin Lindström has run 

two projects about time in the form of monumental knitting

-OWN OUR OWN TIME for 83 participants

-UPLIFT/LANDHÖJNING for 24 participants

The works have been staged in many places - Faroe Islands, Shetland, Paris/France,

Canada, Iceland and several places in Sweden in collaboration with knitters, dancers,

musicians and sound artists.

On 21th January, Kerstin Lindström will end her exhibition 


at Härnösands Konsthall with an arrangement on main stage at Härnösands Theatre

Then the large red knitting is shown along with a slideshow from 

earlier performances.

13.00 Presentation of the projects

13.30 UPLIFT/LANDHÖJNING  a performance about time

14.00 Take part in the knitting, patterns, images and presentations



Does Pythia live in Söråker?

Does Pythia live in Söråker?
In an attempt to establish contact with the Oracle in Delphi a knittingperformance was carried out at Söråkers Folkets Hus, Timrå in Sweden. The questions THE LOCATION THE FUTURE and WHO ARE YOU- three important parts of the artwork.
Thanks to all participants.

In collaboration with Söråkers Folkets Hus https://sorakersfolketshus.se/
and Konst Västernorrland https://www.rvn.se/sv/Utveckling/Kultur-och-bibliotek/konst-vasternorrland/

Photo Lisa W Carlsson https://www.lisawcarlson.se/


Does Pythia live in Söråker? a knittingperformance

KonstART 20

The first KonstART of the year, Art Västernorrland's mobile meeting place, will be held in Söråker, Timrå municipality. We meet at Söråkers Folkets Hus. The purpose is to create meeting places for those active in the art field; artists, institutions, associations, collective workshops and more.

Date: February 17, 2020
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm
Location: Söråkers Folkets Hus, Folketshusvägen 10

The theme at KonstART 20 is the meeting of art with needlework, time and place. We get to meet the artist Kerstin Lindström, who talks about her projects with monumental knitting that started 10 years ago. It has been carried out in unique places in different countries in collaboration with a large number of participants. 

Those who wish are welcome in the evening to participate in "Does Pythia live in Söråker?" a knitting performance. Sign up  for participate until February 15 at  info@sorakersfolketshus.se.
More info in Swedish https://www.rvn.se/sv/Sarprofil-delplatser/volym/notiser/konstart-20/


UPLIFT Territory, a knitting, sound and voice art performance

UPLIFT  Territory, a knitting, sound and voice performance were set up on the 26 September in Gävle at the County Museum of Gävleborg. 
In collaboration with sound artist Björn  http://www.fst.se/tonsattare/bjorn-eriksson  and the artists Lisa W Carlson, Janne Björkman och EvaLeena Skarin. Thank you to everybody who participated. 
The performance was part of a conference for artists in Norrland, north of Sweden, and was organized by KC-Nord, BRAK 2019.
photo: Staffan Westerlund
With support from Region Västernorrland and KC-Nord. Thank you!


Uplift - A life sound performance for 24 knitters and a cow horn at Almgrens Silkmill in Stockholm

Uplift/Landhöjning  a life sound performance with 24 knitters and cow horn. With Björn Eriksson http://www.fst.se/tonsattare/bjorn-eriksson  and Anna Lindkvist Adolfsson http://www.annalindkvistadolfsson.se/ . Thank you all knitters who participated this warm afternoon at Almgrens Silkmill in Stockholm 5th May 2018.
The performance was a part of the finissage for the nordic exhibition ”Far out Textil” at Almgrens. It ended a four-year long collaboration between Almgrens Silkmill and Fiber Art Sweden,  ”Siden och Samtid”.
The performance was supported by Region Västernorrland and KC-Nord.
photo: Leyun Weng


Performance UPLIFT at Almgrens Silkmill Stockholm

The result of a collaboration with four Handicraft Societies from the County of Västernorrland Sweden and the artist Kerstin Lindström.
This time the knitting is going to have a voice of it´s own assisted by the Sound artist Björn Eriksson http://www.fst.se/tonsattare/bjorn-eriksson  and Anna Lindkvist Adolfsson  http://www.annalindkvistadolfsson.se/  playing cow horn. Welcome to a unique happening!
Far out textil
Finissage 5 May 14.00-16.00
Dance, Artist Talks and Performance

Fiber Art Sweden http://www.fiberartsweden.nu/  in collaboration with K A Almgrens Silkmill http://www.kasiden.se/

With Anne Biringvad Gudrun Hasle Petter Hellsing Nils Kristoffersson och Stefan Uhlinder.
Curated by Anna T Wolgers and Monica Nilsson


Own our own time at Almgrens Silkmill in Stockholm

Far out textil
Vernissage 24 March 14.00

Fiber Art Sweden http://www.fiberartsweden.nu/  in collaboration with K A Almgrens Silkmill http://www.kasiden.se/
With Anne Biringvad Gudrun Hasle Petter Hellsing Nils Kristoffersson och Stefan Uhlinder.
Curated by Anna T Wolgers and Monica Nilsson


Preparing for exhibition in Stockholm Sweden

Unpacking the monumental knitting at the Artist studio in Härnösand  Sweden www.kkvh.se . 
Repairing the beautiful red artpiece before the exhibition "Far out textil" at Almgrens silk mill in Stockholm. 
A collaboration with Fiber Art Sweden. http://www.fiberartsweden.nu/  
Today the silk mill is one of Skandinavias oldest preserved industrial environment


Own our own time VI in Blönduós Iceland June 2017

It is time to leave Blönduós and all the wonderful people who participated in the monumental knitting by the meadow next to the river Blanda 10th of June. An unforgettable hour shared together in the sun and wind, listening to music by Skarphéðinn Einarsson and Benedikt Blöndal Lárusson.
Photographer: Róbert Daníel Jónsson and Cornelia Theimer Gardella
Thank you all!

   Landstinget Västernorrland