Invitation to performace

In the summer of 2011, Nordic knitting symposium were planning to be held on the Faroe Islands. The women were invited to participate in a performance entitled "Owning our own time." The knitting will be performed on circular needles No. 4, 60 cm. The task is that each one will create a 25x75 cm large knitting, 150-200 mesh. The dominant color of the knitting should be red.
All are encouraged to create their own designs, using yarn from a beloved sweater, talk about their traditions or to produce a red, cheerful greeting.
The letters with knittingneedles and instructions were sent to Japan, Korea, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands and Sweden. Of the approximately 100 participants in the symposium 75 registerd


How can we see time?

I am interested in the concept of time. Time passes. We all are in this weightless sphere. Each one in their bubble. I would like to find a way to see the time, make it understandable. Can knitting provide a comprehensible picture of the time in a human pace? A time linked to the human body.


Is it possible to connect 100 knitters??

Foto: Frida Sjögren, www.fridasjogren.se
My name is Kerstin Lindstrom and I work as an artist. In summer 2010 I taught students at  the Nordic knitting symposium in various textile techniques. The symposium was held in Härnösand, Sweden. I was fascinated by the activity that went on. Colourful women sat in groups during breaks or at lectures and knitted incessantly. It was like a low-intensity power plant that just went on and on. The work generated human warmth.
This autumn an idea was occupying my mind. Would it be possible to connect 100 knitters in a monumental, common knitting?