Study the red knitting at Shetland Textile Museum


The 60-meter red knitting appears during August at  Shetland Textile Museum. It offers the opportunity to study the knitting  with it`s varied and beautiful patterns a little closer. http://shetlandtextilemuseum.wordpress.com/


Own our own time, part II at Shetland Textile Museum


Own our own time part II took place at Shetland Textile Museum 1 August 2013. 83 patient participants stood in the 60 meter wide knittingcircel for one hour. Together we saved a piece of unforgettble Shetland time. Everybody contributed to the ongoing project about knitting and time that started in collaboration with the Nordic knittingnetwork Gavtrik, www.gavstrik.dk, 2011. 
Thank you everyone for participating.
After the performance everybody had a nice cup of warming the.
A special thanks to 
Brita Hövenmark and her sisters at The Shetland Textile Museum http://shetlandtextilemuseum.wordpress.com/   
and to Hazel Hughson at Shetland Art http://www.shetlandarts.org/
Photo: Austin Taylor  http://www.austintaylorphotography.com/

The colour of Shetland time

The participlants at the Textile Festival "In the loop 3.5" and knitters from all over Shetland were invited to take part in a new chapter in this ongoing artproject about knitting and time . A piece of Shetland time will be preserve, "saved"   with the help of green domestic yarn. This time from the Jamieson and Smith Yarn factory , who kindle doanted their green yarn. https://jamiesonandsmith.wordpress.com/
Two questions were also included to the participants  to consider while knitting. 
“When do you own your time?” 
“The colour green, what does it mean to you?”


In the loop 3,5 at Mareel, Lerwick, Shetland

Speach at Mareel 31 July 2013 about the artproject "Own our own time" with an invitation to the knitting performance 
" Own our own time, part 2" at Shetland Textile Museum 1 August. A call for 83 participants.