Time passes. This is the beginning of 2014!

Now we leave 2013. Own our own time II and Uplift II has been performed and showned at various locations. New knitted laps has left unforgettable traces of people, places and moments in the two ongoing projects that examine time with knitting.

In January, the video
Own our own time was shown at an exhibition in Gallerie de L'EUROPE in Paris together with the artist group LE4 RIVE GAUCHE. To be continued in Paris, April 2014.http://www.artistes4paris.com

In February, the Swedish magazine Hemslöjden wrote about the Knitting project at the Faroe Islands. http://www.hemslojd-tidningen.se

In March, parts of the work was showned in connection with the premiere of Circus Cirkör wonderful performance Knitting Peace. See it, if possible http://www.cirkor.se/content/knitting-peacehttp://www.cirkor.se/content/knitting-peace

In partnership with Shetland Art Own our own time II was organized August 1 in the courtyard outside the Shetland Textile Museum in Lerwick. Women from all over Shetland and the participants at the seminar In the Loop 3.5 attended. A windy evening, with many fine appointments to remember. http://www.shetlandarts.org/shetland-arts-international-textile-festival-programme-released

On the market square in Vaasa, Finland, September 21, participants from Västernorrland, Sweden, and  Österbotten  in Finland met to performe
Uplift II. A collaboration with Handicraft Associations of Västernorrland and the House of Craft http://www.loftet.fi

The year 2013 has included many meetings with interesting and warm people who in different ways has been involved in the project development. Thanks to all who contributed. Happy New Year 2014 to all of you! Hope to see you somewhere, saving some new, special moments together.
Kerstin Lindström