Uplift II "What do you need to grow?"

On September 21th, 2013  a new monumental knitting, Uplift II, started at the townsquare in Vaasa, Finland.  
The 64 participants from Finland and Sweden contributed with beautiful blue knittings and also answered to 
two questions.

What do you need to grow?
Warmth and good relations... Time.... Food and drink....... Other people.....
Art spiced with a bit madness
.....Couragement in daily life.... Love.....

Experience.... Yarn and colors.... Exposing me to new and difficult things sometimes

The colour blue, what does it mean to you?
The sea.....  My favorite colour.....  The sense of space and infinity....  Fresh air.....  Power.....
Freedom and independence...  Peace and quiet.....  The archipelago..... Coolness

A collaboration with www.loftet.fi
Photographers: Dan Bäckman, Anna-Maija Bäckman, Margareta Jettman och Kerstin Lindström


UPLIFT II in Vaasa, Finland

UPLIFT II starts at the town square in Vaasa, Finland on Saturday, September 21. 64 participants created their own blue knitting, a story of the sea. The parts are put  together with gray, domestic yarn. The Finnish part of the UPLIFT project starts to the tunes of a Finnish tango. Accordion player Bo Lund.
The project is a collaboration with Anna-Maija Bäckman and Loftet in Vaasa. www.loftet.fi
Reed more at: http://svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2013/09/24/en-stickad-landhojning
Photographer Dan Bäckman


When do you "Own your own time" ?

The 83 participants in the knittingperformance  Own our own time II, August 1st in Lerwick, Shetland, also answered two questions.
When do you "Own your own time"?
When I sleep...  Not often enough...   In my car...   In the bath...    Feels like never...    A moment after waking...     Gardening...      When I say NO...    Doing nothing...     When I ride my horse...    When I knit lace...............  

The colour green, what does it mean to you?
Green...to go!! ...    The smell of calm...     First baby nappy...     Life...      Seaweed...   Earthy- my favourite colour...                    It´s a colour among others...   Emaralds- my engagment ring...     Grass...     Gentleness...

Photografer: Chloe Garrick


Nominated for the Swedish Publishing-Prize

The project presentation from Own our own time, in cooperation with SEIDEA and Susanne Ekelund http://seidea.se/ has been nominated for the Swedish Publishing Prize in section Print. http://sppriset.se/


Study the red knitting at Shetland Textile Museum


The 60-meter red knitting appears during August at  Shetland Textile Museum. It offers the opportunity to study the knitting  with it`s varied and beautiful patterns a little closer. http://shetlandtextilemuseum.wordpress.com/


Own our own time, part II at Shetland Textile Museum


Own our own time part II took place at Shetland Textile Museum 1 August 2013. 83 patient participants stood in the 60 meter wide knittingcircel for one hour. Together we saved a piece of unforgettble Shetland time. Everybody contributed to the ongoing project about knitting and time that started in collaboration with the Nordic knittingnetwork Gavtrik, www.gavstrik.dk, 2011. 
Thank you everyone for participating.
After the performance everybody had a nice cup of warming the.
A special thanks to 
Brita Hövenmark and her sisters at The Shetland Textile Museum http://shetlandtextilemuseum.wordpress.com/   
and to Hazel Hughson at Shetland Art http://www.shetlandarts.org/
Photo: Austin Taylor  http://www.austintaylorphotography.com/

The colour of Shetland time

The participlants at the Textile Festival "In the loop 3.5" and knitters from all over Shetland were invited to take part in a new chapter in this ongoing artproject about knitting and time . A piece of Shetland time will be preserve, "saved"   with the help of green domestic yarn. This time from the Jamieson and Smith Yarn factory , who kindle doanted their green yarn. https://jamiesonandsmith.wordpress.com/
Two questions were also included to the participants  to consider while knitting. 
“When do you own your time?” 
“The colour green, what does it mean to you?”


In the loop 3,5 at Mareel, Lerwick, Shetland

Speach at Mareel 31 July 2013 about the artproject "Own our own time" with an invitation to the knitting performance 
" Own our own time, part 2" at Shetland Textile Museum 1 August. A call for 83 participants. 


1 August, Shetland Art Museum

                        Own Our Own Time will take place at the Shetland Textile Museum at the Bod of Gremista on Thursday 1 August from 6-8pm http://www.shetlandarts.org/volunteer-knitters-wanted-to-take-part-in-on-our-own-time/

This monumental knitting started as a collaboration with Gavstrik, a Nordic knitting organization  www.gavstrik.dk 
photo: Gunnar Bäckman, Vaasa, Finland


Own our own time in Shetland

Own our own time will be presented at the International Textile Festival i Lerwick, Shetland
Reed more  http://www.shetlandarts.org/whats-on/festivals/international-textile-festival/


Cirkus Cirkör, Knitting Peace, Dansens Hus

                           Circus Cirkör shows the amazing performance Knitting Peace at Dansens Hus in Stockholm. At the invitation of Circus Cirkör, the works Place, Price and Own our own time is shown during the playtime. Reed more at http://www.cirkor.se/content/knitting-peace


Read about the project in the journal Hemslöjden

See the article on the knitting projects Own our own time and Uplift in the latest 
issue of the journal Hemslöjden. Read more at http://www.hemslojd-tidningen.se


Paris January 2013

The project Own our own time is shown at Galerie de l´Eurpoe 55, rue de seine Paris 16 - 31 January
Together with LE 4 RIVE GAUCHE  http://www.artistes4paris.com/
 Technical suport by David Dubaut.


Own our own time in Paris

The film and documentation of Own our own time are shown at 
Gallery de l'Europe in Paris January 16 to 31. Welcome to the opening.