To see time with the help of knitting

Own Our own time IV was performed at the Textile Museum in Borås, Sweden www.textilmuseet.se
83 knitters saved one hour Boras in the form of a monumental knitting on 10 October, at 13.00 -14.00 . 
For Own Our own time IV the choreographer Helena Lundqvist created a unique dance piece. The music during the hour consisted of a mix of sounds from the river Viskan which flows past the museum and recorded sounds from machines related to the textile industry. The sounds were processed and adapted to a dance performance by the the composer Tomas Elfstadius and was performed by the dancer Ulrika Liljedahl. 
The arrangement was a collaboration between the Textile Museum and RegionteaterVäst Dans in Borås.
Photo: Jan Berg


Performing rehearsal at Borås Textile Museum

Choreographer Helena Lundqvist and dancer Ulrika Liljedahl practice for Saturday's dance performance.
Swedish television follows the preparation,filming for the program "Sverige". http://www.svtplay.se/video/4526661/sverige/sverige-sasong-12-avsnitt-10-1
23 minutes from start.