Description of a monumental knitting

Here are two beautiful examples of the 80 knittings that are included in the monumental piece from the Faroe Islands. They are made by Aqiyo Murono, Japan and Vinca Thile, Denmark.
Hope you get inspired and start your own knitting circle. Beneath is a description of a monumental knitting. Welcome to take part, and please, send a picture when your knittingcircle is created. It would be fantastic to collect on the blog. Photo: Björn Granqvist

Description of a monumental knitting piece.
Agree on a common theme.
Sharing a common story raises the value of the event.

Individual work
Needles: A circular knitting needle 4,
60 centimetres, per person.

Number of stitches: 150 pc depending
on the materials and technique.
The finished knitting should be at least
75 centimetres wide. Just knit back and forth,
don’t knit a closed cylinder. Knit about
25 centimetres. Stop after a purl row. Cut off
the yarn. Leave the knitting on the needle.
Secure the knitting needles with a rubber band.

Collective work
Stand in a circle, facing the middle. Each
person has their own ball of yarn. Give your
left needle to the neighbour on your left. Start knitting.
Your knitting will move to the right.

The invitation looked like this for
the knitting done in the Faroe Islands:

Individual work
Theme red. You can unravel an old worn
and loved sweater and reuse the yarn. Knit
a sample, which shows your own tradition.
Produce a happy, crazy red message.
Create your own story.

Collective work
Each person was given a small ball of natural, Faroese yarn.
The origin of the yarn is part of the story.
An accordion player and twenty
Faroese dancers also took part in this
performance. Duration: Approximately 1 hour.