The colour of Paris

A new place is portrayed by it´s own colour. The question “What colour is Paris?” was asked to people in Paris during a week in 2013. Grey was the most common answer. Therefore Paris will be represented by locally produced grey yarn from the French company Fonty http://www.fonty.fr/new/ , mixed with some golden threads. 

The yarn to the monumental knitting Own our time III was supported by
Entrée des Fournisseurs.lamercerieparisienne.com

Photographer: Vinciane Verguethen www.voyez-vous.tv


Own our own time III - A rare plant

Like a rare flower the knittingcircle Own our own time is found in unexpected places at selected times. The heart of the project is all people who participate.The performance  
forms an image of a human power station.

The start of this project was a desire to understand time, to feel time, to get a physical 
sense of something constantly elusive. The link to knitting is a way to force the time to 
adapt to a bodily tempo. A desire to slow the speed into a pace that is human. In this 
activity the one who knits the slowest control the pace of the whole work. 

Thank you everyone for participating.

The skilled photographer who documented the performance is  
Vinciane Verguethen at the Institut suédois à Paris, 2014. 


Saving an hour in Paris 15th of June 2014

The performance Own our own time III - Urbantime was set up in the garden 

at the Swedish Institute in the Maraisdistrict in Paris Sunday 15th of June. 
About 100 knitters + public came and participated in saving an hour of 
urbantime together. A Knitting Performance in the context of the exhibition  
Slow art and festival Nomades. https://parissv.si.se/
Sara and Samantha, two Swedish musicians played. 

Photographer:  Vinciane Verguethen 

The project started 2011 by the Swedish artist Kerstin Lindström
http://lindstromkerstin.blogspot.se  www.kerstinlindstrom.se